What do IPH interns do?

Holly Zajur

Holly Zajur

2015 Graduate, Global Development and Arts Administration Major, Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection Education and Community Outreach Intern

This last year I have worked with the Kluge-Ruhe to develop ARTinstead, a program focusing on the power of art to address race and identity. IPH helped me turned my dream of ARTinstead into a reality and I am forever grateful for the transformational experience.

Margo Smith, the director of the museum, was a PhD student of my Global Development professor, Richard Handler. I have had the opportunity to see Margo use deep critical thinking theory I learned in college into the work-world. It has been such a gift to learn how to bring my education into a work setting. I have been interning at the museum for the last year and truly fallen in love with this magical space. It has taught me so much about what direction I want to to go towards and taught me some really incredible and valuable lessons about what type of work environment I want to be in.

One of the most inspiring things about the Kluge-Ruhe is that is an organization entirely run by women. They do everything - the heavy lifting, finances, networking. They are my role models.

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